• Books written and illustrated by Susanna

    The Teddy Bear Activity Book

    The Teddy Bear Activity Book is a set of black and white line drawings of teddy bears at play, accompanied by story prompts that serve as starting points for your child's imagination. Adults colouring in the drawings will set their inner-child free!


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    Fun at the Opera

    Fun at the Opera is a bilingual picture book that follows the adventures of the youngest members in a Chinese Opera family. Based on Susanna's own family, the unique, creative and extremely colourful illustrations introduce children to the pantomime, drama, colour and spectacle of Chinese Opera.


    Reviewed by Mirrors Windows Doors.


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    God Is Hu?

    God Is Hu? is a book that celebrates the wondrous beauty and colour of the world. It tells the story of how the world was created with the magic of God's imaginary paintbrush. From the smallest pebble to the splendour of the sea, Susanna imagines God filling in the tiniest details and the most sweeping landscapes with joy, laughter and love.


    You can order a set of greeting cards made with paintings from God Is Hu? printed by Redemptorist Publications here.

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